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Scholarship Application

2 Timothy 2:15 Scholarship

We are excited and blessed to offer you the opportunity to get a scholarship for $200 – $1000 off of your degree program. To qualify you must meet the following requirements.

  • You must have submitted an Application for Admission
  • You must complete the form below
  • You must be available for a :30min interview
  • You must provide 1 ministry leader or colleague reference who will “speak” on your behalf.
  • You must register in the next academic session

Scholarship Application (Scholarships are available to active students only)


Admissions Applications,  Unofficial transcripts AND request from your previous schools/universities/colleges to:

[email protected]

Forward your Official transcripts and letters of recommendation to:

Kingdom Bible Institute and Seminary

c/o Kingdom of God Fellowship Church

P.O. Box 15318

Brooksville, FL  34604

Upon receipt of all required documents, an admissions counselor will contact you.

2018 Apostolic IMPACT Class and the Global Empowerment Program


Students can also enroll as non certificate/non-degree students, paying for only the subject course of interest.  
Payment is due at time of enrollment.

All Per Course Costs:  $75 + $25 application  ($100)
2 course cost:  $175.00

Price Includes:  E-Book, Self Study and Any Self Tests 



This course acquaints students with what the Bible says about the activity and operation of both angels and demons. It also covers how Christians are to deal scripturally with angels, fallen angels, and demons. Students will learn what role angels play in the lives of all believers and specifically in the lives of full-time ministers. 

Bible Interpretation

 The Bible is still the bestselling book of all time.  But the Bible has been abused and misused by many.  It has been used to justify all manner of strange doctrines.  It has been used to justify all kinds of bad behavior.  Even atheists will throw words of the Bible back at Christians when they use phrases like “judge not.”  They do not realize when they say things like this that they are totally misunderstanding the intent of the Scripture that they have quoted.  

The Bible is open to being used in these ways because people do not utilize proper principles of interpretation.  That is what this course is about.  Studying proper principles of interpretation so that when we stand up and preach or quote from the Bible we can do so with a sense of authority.  We can do it in a way that we know God will back us up. 

Bible Study Methods

This course introduces the Bible as the written Word of the one true God. It explains divisions of the Bible, versions, translations, and paraphrases.  First, the course guides you to discover what the Bible teaches about itself, then creative methods are explained and you are given the opportunity to use each method discussed.  

The course also explains how to outline, make study notes, mark your Bible for easy reference, and reduce lengthy passages to simple charts.  The course guides you to proper interpretation and application of God's Word.  It directs attention to the  greatest Teacher of all, the Holy Spirit.  If you follow the guidelines presented, you will experience a new, creative spiritual life flowing within you. 


The Lord is commissioning and releasing His bride in an unprecedented fashion that has not existed in previous generations, raising up ministries and resources for the hands-on, practical equipping of all believers. This course is truly a resource that God has released with this purpose in mind. 

Faith Principles

The basic doctrines of  the Christian faith are the subject of this course.   Doctrines are a collection of teachings on a certain subject.  The basic doctrines of the Christian faith are the teachings of Jesus Christ recorded in the Bible.

Principles of Management

This study presents principles of management revealed in God's written Word, the Holy Bible.  "Management" is another word for "stewardship.” "Stewards,” or "managers,” are responsible over something entrusted to them by someone else.  As believers, each of us are managers of spiritual resources with which God has entrusted us.

Prophetic Utterance

A course given by the Holy Spirit, for every believer who desires to come into the fullness of the Gift of Prophecy, in both utterance and understanding. A timely message from God on one of His most valuable, and perhaps misunderstood, gifts of the Spirit. 

Christian Leadership

Christian leadership philosophy in the modern world is profoundly affected by corporate business management ideas. Many Christian leadership books are merely warmed-over American business culture expressed in religious language. Christians successful in business leadership in a secular setting may imagine that by writing books, they can take their success and bring it into the church and thus make God’s Kingdom though efficiency were a high value in the Kingdom of God.



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1. All monies paid to Kingdom Of God Fellowship Church (KOGFC) are non-refundable! 

2. All books and materials purchased by or given to the student become the property of the student. However, duplication of these materials for resale are prohibited. 

3. A student may be immediately dismissed for failure to meet financial obligations.  We will attempt to assist students during financial hardships. 

4. KOGFC will not issue grades, transcripts, or degrees to anyone who has not fulfilled their financial obligations to the school.

5. Tuition for Enhanced Learning diploma programs are payable in full at the time of enrollment. The payment plans only apply to students in degree programs.


Life Coach Program - 2019

Life Change Seminary.  A free 12 month program for members on the African Continent that are looking for continued education.

Watch LIVE broadcast or listen to archives right here by clicking HERE.  

Sponsor a student today.


You’ve spent your time in Ministry learning hands on. Now you can earn credit for it toward your degree. Turn your passions like preaching, visiting the sick, counseling, ministry work , etc into religious vocational degree credits. KBIS  will credit you for what you’ve already learned from your experience in Ministry.

If you have a lot of knowledge and practical experience in Ministry but no diploma, degree, or certification to show for it, life experience credits may give you some of the recognition you deserve. KBIS reviews students’ ministry experience and grants experience credits based on what students have done in ministry.

KBIS may  request a portfolio that proves your experience. Materials will vary depending on what your experience has been, but will include any documents that demonstrate your knowledge and experience in Ministry. Possible materials may include:

  • Resumes
  • Letters of ministry work from your Apostle, Pastor, Bishop, or Church
  • Awards you have received
  • Reference letters of people who are familiar with you in ministry
  • Multimedia (photographs, videos, etc.)
  • Certificates
  • Newspaper articles/ magazine clippings