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Certificate of Ministry (30 credit hours) - Year 1

Acts                                                                           New Testament Survey I

Angels and Demons                                                  New Testament Survey II

Defending the Faith                                                   Old Testament Survey I

Life of Christ I                                                            Old Testament Survey II

Life of Christ II                                                           Methods of Bible Study

Associates in Biblical Studies (60 credits) - Year 2

Bible Doctrines I                                                         I Corinthians

Bible Doctrines II                                                        II Corinthians

Biblical Management                                                  Romans

Ephesians                                                                  Spiritual Gifts

Galatians                                                                    Submission and Authority

Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies (90 credits) - Year 3

Communication                                                         Evangelism

Healing                                                                      Systematic Theology I

How to Hear the Voice of God                                   Systematic Theology II

Managing Life                                                            Teaching Principles

Power of Prayer                                                         Understanding Grace

Bachelors of Biblical Studies (120 credits) - Year 4

Church Governments                                                The Holy Spirit

Homiletics                                                                  Ministerial Ethics

Introduction to Christian Counseling                          Spiritual Warfare

Principles of Leadership                                            Women in Ministry

Prophetic Utterance                                                   Faith


Course Descriptions

Acts, The Book of

The Book of Acts links the ministry of Jesus and the start of Christianity. The objective of this course is to trace the development of the Early Church after the resurrection of Christ and study the impact of Jesus' ministry to and through the early disciples.

Angels and Demons

In this study students will survey some of what the Bible says about angels and demons which is causing an increasing fascination.  

Church Government

This course will help you understand the five-fold ministry and its characteristics. It also teaches you the biblical structure for churches and reviews the offices of bishops, pastors, elders, and deacons in the church.


To help the students develop an understanding that teaching should change lives and develop a passion to communicate by an understanding of laws that create success in themselves as teachers as well as in their classroom.

Bible Doctrines I

With the "winds of doctrine" that blow across the church world today, a solid theology consisting of the major doctrines of Christianity is needed.  This course gives special consideration to Bibliology, the study of the Bible; the study of God; anthropology, the study of man; hamartiology, they study of sin; and soteriology, the study of salvation.

Bible Doctrines II

This class is a continuation of the first-year course "Bible Doctrines." It examines the major Christian denominations found in the United States of America and focuses on their history, beliefs, and practices. At the completion of the course, students will know the answer to the question, "What is the difference between my church and the _______ church?"

Biblical Management

This course introduces the subject of management, identifies leadership positions, and stresses the importance of the anointing to lead.  Biblical principles of leading like a servant and shepherd and qualifications for leaders are also discussed.

Defending the Faith

Students learn  ways to respond to arguments against Christianity, and the route taken will depend on the kind of objections raised.


This course delves into the Book of Ephesians and unveils the “mystery of the church” as no other epistle. Students see how God’s secret intention is revealed to form a body to express Jesus’ fullness on earth, by uniting one group of people, and to equip, empower, and mature the people to the end that they extend Jesus’ victory over evil.


This course explores different strategies and motivations for evangelistic efforts. Special attention is given to developing proper methods of evangelism while maintaining the true message of the Gospel. The course emphasizes the necessity of the fruit of the Spirit for daily Christian living and witnessing.


This course establishes a solid foundation of the biblical tenants of faith and righteousness, and exercises and increases one’s faith in God. Examines how to apply that faith to one’s personal and ministerial experience.

I Corinthians

An expository study of the Book of First Corinthians. This course examines the social and spiritual climate of the church of Corinth and the events that led up to Paul’s correspondence to the Corinthian believers. Includes examination of the problems and challenges that can occur within a local church body as well as the scriptural solutions for these problems and challenges.

II Corinthians

An expository study of the Book of Second Corinthians.  Examines the social and spiritual climate of the church of Corinth and the events that led up to Paul’s correspondence to the Corinthian believers.


The Apostle Paul wrote this epistle to refute the perverted gospel of the Judaizers and establish the truth of the Gospel of grace. The Judaizers' teaching was a mixture of law and grace, faith and works, and Moses and Jesus. Paul uses an allegory to illustrate the Old and New Covenants. He also shows that Christian liberty is neither legalism nor license.

How To Hear The Voice of God

In everyday situations of life, believers are constantly making choices which determine whether or not they will do the perfect will of God. It is essential to know God's voice, understand His will, and make right decisions each day. It is important because each minor decision affects the finding of God's will for a lifetime.

Healing For the Body

Physical healing is the right and privilege of every believer. This course is designed to provide an overview of the basic methods through which healing is obtained. Special attention is given to the subject of faith—specifically, how the basics of faith can be practically applied to obtain physical healing.

The course in Homiletics is designed to be a course 36 hours in length where the student’s primary mode of learning is through practicing what is being taught. The first half of the course focuses on instruction; the rest of the course focuses on the giving of sermons. This course is designed for each student to give a total of three to five speeches or sermons.  

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

This course provides an overview of biblical based Christian counselling. Students are introduced to God’s method for making His children whole and explore how to help individuals overcome the problems in their lives that are hindering them. This course deals with issues of self-worth, which underlies most psychological problems.

Leadership Principles

This course studies the subject of leadership, exposes you to potential weaknesses you may have concerning leadership, and teaches how to turn those weaknesses into strengths. Encourages you to apply each of the leadership laws as building blocks to success in life.

Life of Christ I

Provides an outline of the life and teachings of Jesus and surveys the order of the events in His earthly ministry. This course covers the deity of Jesus, His birth, His childhood, and His final days in Jerusalem.

Life of Christ II

A continuation of Life of Christ I.

Managing Life

The purpose for a course in life management is: 

1. To gain greater understanding of God’s will or expectations for mankind. 

2. To discover how we fit into God’s overall plan. 

3. To get a personal vision for our life. 

4. To learn how to manage the vision revealed to us by God. 

5. To become a better steward of the resources that God has placed in our hands. 

6. To be challenged in areas of Christian character that affect vision fulfillment. 

7. To assist the student in achieving destiny. 


Ministerial Ethics 

This course takes an intensive look at ministerial ethics, both biblical and practical. It synthesizes and outlines the history and relevance of ethics to equip students to fulfill their potential in ministry. Special focus is given to financial, moral, and professional ethics.

New Testament Survey I

This is a comprehensive study of the books of the New Testament, including the authors of each book, background information of the author and the book, and the emphasis of each book.

New Testament Survey II

A more in-depth study of each book of the New Testament.

Old Testament Survey I

A historical survey of the Old Testament. Special attention is given to the cultural background, the theological and contextual perspectives, and the practical application of major Old Testament themes.

Old Testament Survey II

A historical survey of the Old Testament. Special attention is given to the cultural background, the theological and contextual perspectives, and the practical application of major Old Testament themes.

Power of Prayer

This course is an in-depth study of 30 different types of prayer. You will have a clearer view about how you are praying and how you can pray more effectively in your daily life.

Prophetic Utterance

This course teaches students how to flow in the gift of prophecy; the ministry of the prophet; how to understand the language of the Holy Spirit; how to discern prophetic pictures, dreams, the voices of God, and much more.


This course examines the Book of Romans and the justification through faith, not works, the workings of the cycle of sin and death and how it affects believers at all levels of faith. Also, how to escape from its influence, to understand the personal consecration to God in view of His mercies, and to understand both the liberty we have through grace and the responsibilities we have toward weaker believers.

Spiritual Gifts

Each student will receive an awareness of and appreciation for the diversity of gifts which God has set in the Church. Students will come to understand the similarities and differences among ministry offices. They will receive insight into the purposes of these ministries, how each operates, and what each particular gift contributes to the Body of Christ.

Spiritual Warfare

As a Christian, we fight spiritual enemies with spiritual weapons. This study provides information about the different enemies Christians battle and about each weapon and how they should be used.


Students will learn principles of prospering God’s way; planning a budget; six steps to debt-free living; the difference between prosperity versus materialism; money myths; what the rich know that the middle and poor don’t; six Bible reasons for lack and poverty; and, God’s financial system.

Studying The Bible

Students learn the various methods of Bible study (book, character, word, topical, etc.), the process of translating passages of Scripture from the Hebrew and Greek languages using Strong’s Concordance, and become familiar with available study tools.

Submission and Authority

All things have been created by the authority of God, and all laws on earth are held together through authority. Students understand the deeper depths of submission and authority of the Higher Power of god.

Systematic Theology I

Introduction to how theology can affect your life and how it's applied.

Systematic Theology II

A continuation of the study of theology and how it is applied to the life of believers.

Teaching Principles

Students learn how to use a great spiritual weapon.  That weapon is the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God (Ephesians 6:17). 

The Holy Spirit

This course examines the nature and personality of the Holy Spirit.  It discusses the titles given the Holy Spirit and emblems which represent Him.  Both reveal much about His ministry.  The purposes, gifts, and fruit of the Holy Spirit are examined in detail. 

Understanding Grace

This course is designed to give the student a clear perspective of the Reformed view of salvation as a defensible system in accord with Scripture and reason. “Grace” will become clearly defined. This in turn should have practical consequences in the student’s life by seeing how his relationship with God is meant to function

Women in Ministry

Students will grasp a deeper understanding of the roles of women and the effectiveness they have in the New Testament Church.


Application Fee:   $60.00


Certificate of Ministry Program                                                          950.00

Cost:  $95.00 per class (3 credits)

Associates of Ministry Degree Program                                         1,500.00

Cost:  $150.00 per class (3 credits)

Advanced Certificate of Ministry  of Biblical Studies Program        2,350.00

Cost:  $235.00 per class (3 credits)

Bachelors of Biblical Studies Degree Program                               3,000.00

Cost: $300.00 per class (3 credits). 

Full payment must be paid before degrees are awarded. 

Books not included. Each class requires book purchases. 


No refunds will be issued after registration or class fees have been paid. 


LETTER                         PERCENTAGE             GRADE POINT 

A                                        97-100%                              4.00

A-                                       94-96                                   3.66

B+                                      91-93                                   3.00

B                                        88-90                                   2.66

B-                                       86-87                                   2.33

C+                                      83-85                                   2.00 

C                                        80-82                                   1.66

C-                                       78-79                                   1.33

D+                                      75-77                                   1.66 

D                                        72-74                                   1.00

D-                                       70-71                                   0.66

F                                          0-69                                    

I                                      Incomplete                               

W                                   Withdrawal                               

S                                    Satisfaction

P                                    Passing

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Program Tuition - Undergrad/ Grad/Post Grad

Application Fee per program

Dissertation Reading


Soft Bound Book price range:  $20.00 - $95.00 per book

All E-Books:     $35.00 per book (Some courses will require up to 3 or 4 books)

MP3's:              $40.00 per course study (if applicable)

MP4's:              $65.00 per course study (if applicable)

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*One Time Fee due prior to first class and once per program enrollment*

Technology Fee:   $95.00 (use of blackboard)

Admin Fee:           $60.00


A fee of $35.00 must be submitted with a written request for transcript. No transcripts will be released without the prepaid fee. 

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Masters of Biblical Studies (30 credits) up and above the Bachelor's level 

Personal Evangelism                                            Anthropology & Hamartiology

Orientation and Research Methods                      Vision

Spiritual Formation                                                Ruth and Jonah

Soteriology                                                            The Synoptic Gospels

Sanctification                                                         Trinitarism

Masters Degree of Biblical Studies Program                                  4,050.00

Cost: $405.00 per class (3 credits). 

Full payment must be paid before degrees are awarded. 

Books not included. Each class requires book purchases. 


No refunds will be issued after registration or class fees have been paid. 


Personal Evangelism 

This course is a study of practical approaches to personal evangelism. It includes learning how to initiate the conversation with someone, present the Gospel to him, and lead him to Christ, if he is ready. It includes spending thirty hours in actual, practical, personal evangelism. (Option #1 - Lead someone to Christ and disciple him for six months - 1 additional credit. Option #2 - Train another soul winner - 1 additional credit.)

Orientation and Research Methods  

Spiritual Formation

The Synoptic Gospels

Ruth and Jonah


Anthropology and Hamartiology





Doctorate Degree of Ministry Program                                           5,500.00

Cost:  $550.00 per class (3 credits)

Doctorate Degree of Strategic Christian Leadership                     7,800.00

Cost:  $780.00 per class (3 credits)

Doctorate of Philosophy in Biblical Studies Program                    9,900.00

Cost:   $900.00 per class (3 credits)

Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Leadership                         11,900.00

Cost:  $743.75 per class (3 credits)

Doctorate dissertation reading 

Cost:  $350.00

Full payment must be paid before degrees are awarded. 

Books not included. Each class requires book purchases. 


No refunds will be issued after registration or class fees have been paid. 



The entire application process may be completed online. You may apply here. If you need a paper application, our admissions staff would be happy to provide one, just give us a call at 1-336-539-2447.

What documents are required to apply?

•A completed online application

•Two completed Character Reference Forms
•One completed Pastor’s Reference Form
•A completed Church Recommendation Form
•A nonrefundable application fee of $60

•Official transcript(s) from all post-secondary schools attended, sent directly to the Admissions Office from the Registrar of each school previously attended.
•Spouse’s completed Personal Statement (if married)

When are applications due?

SCCLCS operates with rolling enrollment, accepting students up to 12 months out for future semesters. All application materials should be completed a minimum of 10 days before  you intend to enroll.




Fill out the online application below and list your interest to enroll in our academy.  Once you complete this online form, then click to pay the required fees online.  

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Other Costs and Fees

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Dissertation work.

Life Experience Credit: $50 for each life experience credit applied toward the student's degree. 

Textbooks: Most textbooks are not included with the course materials.  Price Varies.  

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